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An XML file that is IATI compliant

The IATI standard is at the centre of international aid transparency. This standard is a format and framework for publishing data on development cooperation activities, intended for use by all organisations engaged in development, from government donors to private sector organisations, and national and international NGOs. It was designed in close consultation with key users of development cooperation data in developing countries, to ensure its relevance and utility for a variety of different data users.

The IATI standard uses a file format called XML. It is easy to convert data in XML into other formats, such as CSV, or even use it to drive tools that can generate graphs and tables of data from queries.

Data you are happy to be public. is a publicly available instance of the Open Aid Publishers' Toolchain software provided for demonstration purposes only. Data uploaded here is stored on servers in the EU, and available to any who visit the site until it is deleted. Any visitor may delete any data at any time from the list on the Download page. The site administrators will also delete data from time to time without warning. Do not rely on the addresses of data held on this site without contacting us.